Giving you control. Helping you cope.

FibroMapp app is the most comprehensive 8-in-1 chronic pain management app that is helping people gain more understanding and control over their condition. It is helping thousands of people with Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, Lupus, MS, Arthritis, CRPS to name a few.

We know that pain affects all aspects of our lives - and it is important to understand how our bodies are affected (both positively and negatively) by everything from stress to a change in the weather. FibroMapp is completely personalised so that it works to fit your needs and requirements. Use as much of the app as you need to - it is completely flexible!

Instead of using 8 different apps in attempts to gain more control…why not try 1 app that has 8 different aspects? Where all your information is collated and can be downloaded into easy to read reports. Great for your doctor and even things like backup info for benefits, and more.

FibroMapp. Designed and tested by people who understand chronic pain.

FibroMapp's features include:

  • Fully customisable Medications Tracker enables you to track all your medications in one place, allowing you to control your medications and reduce under and over-medication.

    Alarm Option to remind you when to take your medications
  • How I'm Feeling allows you to record what hurts, where, when and what type of pain.

    - pain severity
    - mobility
    - what did your experience affect you from doing in your daily routine
    - what mobility aids were required
  • The Sleep Tracker records sleep and waking times, and creates a chart showing sleep debt and over-sleeping.

    Create a PDF report to take to your next Doctor visit - or email it.
  • My Daily Records displays up to one year of pain records, with detailed records and graphs.

    Create a PDF report to take to your next Doctor visit - or email it.
  • My Journal is an opportunity to keep notes on what is going on for you, allowing you to contextualise your pain and sleep records. The Journal also pulls in any Sleep and Pain notes you may have made, so that you can view those notes within your timeline.

    Create a PDF copy of your Journal independently of your Pain and Sleep Reports.
  • View comprehensive charts, allowing you to see at a glance any trends in your condition.